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Twinkle, Twinkle, Lidgate Star

The Star at Lidgate is a beautiful 17th Century Hall house that was converted into a licensed residence in the late 18th century. It was bought by Greene King in 1894, and then was acquired through a community buy out in 2011, returning to private hands in 2022. Now a free-house, it has recently reopened to serve a range of local and regional ales, ciders and spirits. Beautiful inbuilt fireplaces are in each area, so it is a lovely welcoming place in the winter, and with a small beer garden a peaceful and relaxing place in the summer. There is a beautiful walk past the church and the remains of the castle, if you fancy a walk around the village after supping on a beer, or sampling an evening pizza.

Specialist evenings for wine tastings, ale samplings and meet the brewers are the mainstay of the pub, and now Gooey Puds Club will also be hosting an evening on the 22nd February, with an Old School menu sampling Sticky Toffee Pudding, Homemade Apple Jelly and Egg Custard, Treacle Tart with Ginger Ice Cream, Apple and Mead Strudel, Plum Crumble, Brioche Bread & Butter Pudding and Coffee Tiramisu. Tickets are available from the website. We are hoping to make this a monthly event, so keep your eyes out for up and coming themes!

In other news, it seems the website is in dire need of updating, so please be patient whilst my analogue brain tries to understand the lingo of linking pages and social media!

Also, I am completing an experiment at the moment to see how many medium sized Bakewell's I need to make before I don't sell out at Bury, so Ely get to see some. I doubled it last week, and now it seems I need to make even more! I really enjoy the fact people love them.

Having said that, I will not be in Ely on Sunday the 18th February for celebratory reasons, but will be back the following week at both markets.

As ever, any questions, suggestions or comments are most welcome, just drop me a line at If you are happy with a product, please shout about it on a google review or leave a review on Facebook or Instagram. These reviews make such a huge difference to a small homebased business, and I am always very grateful.

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