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Roses are red, Raspberry Flavour is Blue...

Why is that, I wonder? Raspberries to me are a lovely deep, deep pink, so why did some confectionary company decided that a totally unnatural blue was best served to represent it. It

even has a name: Brilliant Blue FCF, European colour number: E133. The production involves the condensation of 2-formylbenzenesulfonic acid and the appropriate aniline followed by oxidation, in case you were interested!

We have all seen children eating ice creams or drinking a certain brand of slushy ice drink that are this amazing blue, dyeing their tongues as they do so. It isn't remotely dangerous to health, so they can put quite quite a lot of it into a product enabling that extremely bright blue colour. I think it is the fact that it is so completely unnatural is the thing that worries us.

You will be pleased to hear that here at Gooey Puds, our raspberries remain that beautiful pink, our strawberries a lovely red, and if we do use colour they are food based and are used in the icing for our biscuit and brownie kits.

Raspberries are not just in our delicious Raspberry Bakewell, but they are also in our new French Raspberry Tart available for delivery to the local area, and a version will be made available on the market stall as individual tarts. We can thank Rick Stein for bringing this to my attention! I love crème patisserie, raspberries, the crust and also the redcurrant jam, than not only makes it redder- but compliments the raspberry flavour beautifully.


Strawberries are Red,

Raspberries aren't Blue,

Come and enjoy a pud,

Made especially for you!

At the Gooey Puds Market stall

Bury St Edmunds on a Saturday and Ely Market on a Sunday, or available for home delivery!

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