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Wanted: Gifts!

Tricky things gifts.

The Brits have always been good at procrastinating over gifts; should it be socks, or did we give them last year? Perhaps a bottle of something a bit cheeky, not normally consumed, but oh yes! We had forgotten that individual is now tea-total! Finally the gift card, those much maligned gifts from aunts and uncles who are rarely seen, but being generous relatives they still send them.

With the internet, gift cards have turned into e-gift cards, which are much, much, much more exciting! Gooey Puds not to be left out! Perfect for the person you have no idea what to get, but who likes a little challenge in the kitchen every now and then.

So, available now on there are e-gift cards from £10, £15, £20 etc through to £50. We hope that will be enough!

Ultimately, it is giving people something they want, will enjoy and will remember for a long time- which is priceless.

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