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Trouble at Mill, Time Travelling & Moussey Angels!

Changes have abounded this week on the website. An issue, pointed out by a kind customer, of only being able to order one ticket at a time has left me stumped, so I have had to change things back to how they were, for which I apologise.

I am not particularly fond of travelling back in time (unless you, like me, enjoy the Jodi Taylor novels about travelling through contemporary time), as it leads to all sorts of complications. This time, however, buying your ticket has been simplified once and for all to being bought from the shop (again). I have also added a great big link on the front page, that will take you to the listing, to make it super easy and not just that, but I have added a box for you to complete should you need me to change a product out for allergen or taste reasons. I will also add the link to the June Gooey Puds Club at the bottom.

Interesting, and very random, fact, as I dwell on the past in my time befuddled state, one of our favourite cheat puds we ate as we were growing up was the butterscotch Angel Delight, that foamy fake mousse that tasted soooo good! My brother, my sister and I would see who could make it last the longest (inevitably my sister)! Later on, working in the New Product Development department of a food company that supplied major retailers, I worked for one of the people who developed that pud! It can be such a small, small world! And now they even do Angel Delight ice cream...who would have thought!

Still a guilty pleasure doesn't hurt every now and then - like once a month!

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