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Hooray! Good news everyone!

The trends coming through for 2022 [other than sustainability, gut health and postbiotics] is that it has been proven that when raspberry and chocolate are consumed together, a symbiosis occurs that improves antioxidant absorption. Phew, this means puddings are definitely good for us and we can crack on with developing the Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry coulis guilt free!

Speaking of which, Chocolate Mousse is also the star of our Chocolate Mousse cake- a new product launching this week for those mid-winter parties, Christmas feasts and festivities, and the glorious annual finale [and also the start!] of New Year celebrations. It is a glorious layered beauty with spiced cherries, chocolate mousse and chocolate Genoese sponge.

It is one of the trickiest desserts we have put onto the website, but well worth the effort. I will feed at least 16, in my humble opinion, anyway. There are others who swear they could eat a quarter in one sitting- I would like to see them try...or then again, perhaps not! For us with normal appetites, it is available in a serves 8, too.

Take a look at for this, and other delicious products and offerings. There is also free delivery, now if you order 2 or more products!

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