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One of the things greatly missed over the past few years, by many of us, has been the ability to travel abroad.

From unique school trips, learning about other cultures and helping a foreign community to build schools, and other municipal buildings, to completely hedonistic clubbing trips on far off isles with your friends, or even the annual holiday to a European country you once went to, many years ago, and fell deeply in love with the culture, people and scenery.

For us though, here at Gooey Puds, we desperately miss the food- from sitting in a square in Trieste, Italy, eating fresh pasta and salad, watching the Sunday family gatherings, or grabbing a fresh seafood dish and freshly squeezed fruit juice in Freemantle market, Australia, to cycling to the nearest boulangerie, in Brittany, France, for fresh croissants and baguette, before it gets too hot to do so- all favourites, that bring back so many happy memories.

In celebration of the joy brought by eating lovely things in far, and not-so-far, off places, Gooey Puds is celebrating some iconic desserts from abroad. Starting with the Italian Tiramisu. A favourite of many people in Britain, this creamy indulgent coffee dessert is traditionally made with a mascarpone cream and fresh coffee & marsala soaked biscuits, then drenched in cocoa.

In your kit you will receive all the ingredients to quickly make the dish, and leave it to soak for a few hours before stunning your family and friends with the classically indulgent dessert! No cooking is required, just a bit of whisking.

Hopefully the pudding will temporarily alleviate any sadness you feel at the lack of an Italian summer holiday! Available to enjoy from Sunday 24th October.

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