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Timing is Everything!

From the picking of fruit, to the ping of an oven's timer, few things are as important in the creation of delicious desserts as timing. Since the punnets would be not very full if we were left in charge of picking the fruit [not sure we ever moved on from the 'one for the basket and one for me' phase!], we rely on our excellent range of suppliers to ensure there are no issues with under, or over, ripeness, bruising or other issues that fruit are renowned for. A final check of the fruit before, and during the preparation, is done by us, to ensure whichever dessert you receive you can have the absolute confidence in the quality you will receive.

Cooking instructions are created in-house, with thermometers being used to ensure repeatability. If there is a change due to seasonality, size etc of fruit, the cooking instructions will be updated to incorporate this, so you will always be able to prepare and cook at the peak of the products delivery of flavour, texture and aroma.

At the end of the day, we want you to enjoy a stress-free delicious dessert, that will deliver every time, no matter what the time!

Don't forget to use the code YUM21 at the checkout for 25% off!

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