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The Four Beautiful Parts & Expansion...

FAQ: Number 1- Where do you deliver?

Interesting question...

One of the biggest decisions a retailing business makes, when it first starts up, is how large should your target customer base be. There are several issues involved, not just the distance the parcel has to travel.

Starting with accessibility. As much as it would be lovely to say we will deliver to every island, islet, mountain and valley that our wonderful group of nations holds, as a start up it is just not feasible, so most of us start in our home country. Without the safety net of volume behind us to either invest in our own fleet, or employ a trusted courier partner, we cannot deliver to those hard to reach places.

Second is packaging handling, and entrusting the safety of your product in another's hands, and the heart stopping moments that brings! For a food company, transit (and chill) trials all need to be done, across the multiple depots each parcel will go to. Reliance on the courier is paramount. As consumers all of us, at some point, will have experienced the crushed, ripped or soaking wet (on a sunny day) parcel delivered to us. For this reason for the time being Gooey Puds is available in England only. Research and trials are beginning to cover some more, if not all, of the rest of the mainland.

Thirdly, the product itself & time. Gooey Puds will always include chill packs in the parcels, where necessary, in their own little section. However, these will only keep chilled for up to 48 hours. This means that journeys that are longer than that (including wait times) will not be feasible as we also have to realistically cover all seasons, and that people may not be at home to put the items in the fridge straight away. The best way around this is to have another manufacturing site, which is waaaaaay down the line!

So there you have it! England only for the time being, but hopefully to parts of, if not all of, Wales and Scotland by the time the year is out. Sadly, to ensure all 4 parts are covered in total will be quite away into the future.

It should be noted, though, that if you live in the local area- delivery is free, and can be within 24 hours of ordering...

More questions? Comments? Please contact us at

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