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Oh! So Tricky....

So, you think to yourself. Time for a new hairstyle, new jacket or if you are really lucky, a market with new vendors for you to go and sample their wares. But what about desserts? The weather has been so odd of late, but the strawberries, cherries and raspberries are so very delicious at the moment, looks like the menu is already in for new additions, on top of the Chocolate Torta della Nonna that has already launched this week, and been very popular with the few who have tried it!

So to it! Kicking off with a Raspberry and Limoncello Semifreddo- a delightful twist on an Italian Summer dessert, full of the things we love, frozen, sliced then served.

Better than ice-cream? Could well be!

Then on to the kids range I promised- starting simply with some tutti-frutti smoothie lollies and then some rather naughty strawberry sticky meringues that are oh-so-gooey, and all the loveliness that comes with that!

The slightly more mature of us can also look forward to a new fruity twist on the crumble, and also a Cherry Clafloutis, that is deliciously decadent, over the coming month.

More details to follow in the next week! Exciting times for sure- and busy!

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