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Oh my word!

Confusion is rife here at Gooey Puds towers this week due to several computer glitches which, I will be honest, mean absolutely nothing to me! Stage one was finding out my website shop is not communicating correctly with my Facebook shop [apologies for the lay persons terms, but I genuinely am a complete dunce when it comes to computers!]

Stage two was Google sending me an email telling me that Products Structured Issues Detected on the website.

This is not good. My brain does not understand the sentence, let alone what the actual issue is!

The people on the help desks so far, have been lovely. Issues are still not resolved though. Give me a stack of ingredients, ask me to come up with a delicious 3 course meal for 6, and I will be fine (stressed but fine!), ask me about data strings, Meta & shops not talking, & you have lost me.

I have printed off the instructions that should help that have been sent through, even though they seem to be on a different topic.

As a complete distraction from this depressing state of affairs [& some of you may have seen the new product on Facebook & Instagram yesterday], I have taken some recently acquired knowledge from the amazing course at Gourmadises Académie (, which was a complete treat from Sal from La Cucina Italiana (, where Corinne taught us all things Entremet! It was brilliant fun, & the first dish inspired by the course is a delicious Vanilla & Strawberry Entremet: Layers of genoise sponge, with vanilla syrup, vanilla meringue butter cream & topped with a fine layer of dark chocolate ganache. This one is not for the faint hearted, but is soooo delicious.

I need to quickly go & finish the paperwork, so I can get it onto the site as soon as possible.

I will, of course, also let you all know when the glitches are fixed!

In the mean time, why not give the Ukrainian product a go- it is really delicious, and very light because of the meringue [all profits will be sent to the Red Cross, to help them aid the Ukraine.]

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1 Comment

Well, I'm lookiing forward to the new Vanilla & Strawberry Entreme - it sounds delicious. Everything else that I've ordered has worked wonderfully - especially the Treacle Tart which is the best I've ever tasted!!

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