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New Yoik, New Yoik!!

[Always been shocking at accents!]

This weeks delicious addition, with travel still in mind, is the beautifully classic New York Cheesecake. Simply flavoured with vanilla bean & mascarpone soft cheese for that smooth texture. The New York Cheesecake began life in the guise we recognise now in the 1900s, made famous by the German born Arnold Reuben. Legend has it that he tried a cheese pie at a dinner party, and became so enamoured with it, he experimented with the recipe until the New York Cheesecake was born. Incidentally, you may recognise his name as he also was the inventor of the New York Deli Sandwich, to name just one! Sadly, none of his restaurants are still open, to try his recipes first hand, but his legacy will live on in our love for such fine things as a New York Cheesecake.

The beautiful, simple nature of the NY Cheesecake is such that you can pretty it up with all sorts of fruit, and their products, from figs to strawberries, from Coulis to jellies. They can be cooked as large cakes, or small cakes, rectangular to round. Extremely versatile- no wonder it is a favourite around the world!

The New York Cheesecake is available now, from the website. Take a look, and treat yourself!

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