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New Year, New Ways? Carpe Diem, my friends!

So, just over 2 weeks into the new year, and it is time to reflect a little. At Gooey Puds, as much as we enjoy celebrations bringing in the New Year, and the deliciousness they hold, we rarely create New Year Resolutions.

This isn't because we think we do not need to change (Ha! we are so far from that!) Instead, if something needs changing we believe you should start to change it when you specify and not when convention dictates. This way you are more likely to succeed as pressure is greatly reduced. Oh, and don't worry if it doesn't work immediately, life is all about experimentation, and learning. The main thing is not to punish or berate yourself. Keep smiling, and try again. (If you want to!)

In line with the above, and as promised previously, the Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Coulis will be coming your way, very shortly, with another, exciting, Luxury edition for Valentines day on the 14th Feb.

The new recipe, which will be out very soon, has no added fat, but is so chocca full of flavour, you would never know. It is also an excuse to use those cocktail glasses you were once given, and never knew what to do with!

In other exciting news, there is now a Steamed Ginger Pudding available! This was created at the request of a new customer, so I was happy to oblige! It is sticky and sweet and a little bit spicy and warming from the chopped preserved ginger and the ginger syrup it is stored in. Ginger is an all round favourite to this Gooey Pudder, so we were in heaven! It serves 6, and is best served with your favourite brand of cheat custard! Perfect for these awful wet winter nights.

Remember, if there is a dessert not listed, ask, and we will deliver!

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