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From small acorns....

I am going through the evolution of becoming a market stall trader, to promote the dessert recipe boxes, but also sell complete products. This involves doing something I have never been particularly good at doing and that is selling myself. Some people do this so very easily & they ooze self-confidence, something I have always been envious of, to be honest!

So, being the brave individual I am, whilst nervously sticking a smile on my face, I pushed myself out there, and started talking to the customers of the first market I attended as a stall holder. And wasn’t it easy! Much easier than I ever envisaged! Just like talking to friends- finding out peoples interests, offering them small samples, seeing what they would like next time. I was asked to do bread, make more sticky toffee cupcakes and vegan products (this I will go into more detail on another blog)- so ask and people will definitely answer!

I had fun, met some lovely people both stall holder and customer alike, promoted the recipe box business and sold out of sticky toffee puddings and treacle tarts! I also learnt that sampling is an absolute must, as is my portable sink!

I am excited to say that I have an interview next week with the Ely council team with regards to a spot on the Sunday market, to show off my products and my recipe box concept, which (fingers crossed) will go well I am, after all, going armed with sticky toffee pudding!

By the time the London Dessert Festival comes around, I will be an old pro- hopefully....!

You can always join in the fun and give the Sticky Toffee Pudding a go- described on several occasions as the BEST they have ever tasted!

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