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Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

The Gooey Kitchen has been hotter than usual today (the oven has been on in this heat!!), creating delicious chocolate ice cream, and a vanilla one (the final recipe is freezing down as I type, and will be ready to photo later this evening.

A Cherry & Almond Crumble has also been created, which will launch this week as well- we just need to finish the nutritional information to put onto the website. The crumble has been created especially for two individuals who thought the idea sounds Amazing! It has an almond twist in the filling (a touch of Almond essence) and there are some Amaretti Biscuits crumbled into the crumble topping, which give a lovely flavour and extra crunch. The cherries are British, and are sweet and delicious. We all love the crumble, and hope you do too!

Remember to use the code YUM21 at the checkout to get a 25% discount on your next box!

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