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Do you remember..?

School discos, clubs and pubs. Happy dancing days with your mates, out on the tiles for the evening (or working in them, as I did). The DJs would have their booths, and you used to be able to request whichever tune you wanted, normally with a certain amount of giggling, and nudging from friends, and screamed "Noooo"s as you were, apparently, too shy to ask the person for the dazzling tune of the hour.

I am not sure if that happens, or not any more, if it doesn't then I am a little bit sad, as it was a lovely thing, which generated an awful lot of disproportionate happiness on those glorious evenings and nights. Best not carry on reminiscing, though, as my children might read this!

The reason I bring it up is requests are back! Times two! and will be featured at the next Gooey Puds Club on Thursday 30th May!

Firstly, is a French Apple Tart, for which I have gone with the Normandy version, as I love the depth of the apple flavour, concentrated by cooking, and topped with more apple before being gentle caramelised in the oven. So many levels of appley gooeyness! And well, its apple, so it must be good for you. Right?

Secondly, I was asked about a traditional rice pudding. This one, believe it or not, is a lot more tricky than the French Apple Tart. Mainly because everybody's mum cooked it differently. My mum used to like putting lemon zest and dried fruit in, sometimes, and others it would be just with nutmeg. Some cook it with milk, some with milk and cream and others with evaporated milk. I have never tried that version, but it could be very sweet! So, as ever, I will do my very best, and see what happens!

So come and join us on the 30th May, and try 7 puds including the 2 above, and the winner from the last club the Italian Poached Pear!

Tickets are £18 each, and are available by clicking this link, and selecting the 30th May.

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