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Dates, Dates & Dazey Day’s

There are a couple of calendars that we, in many industries use across Britain, for promotional purposes. There is the sports calendar- World Cups, The Ashes, Wimbledon etc, the Days calendar for Vegan Day, Pistachio Day (sadly missed this year), Valentine’s Day, chocolate Days (plural as the British love of chocolate will never be served by just one!) & the Weeks calendar- National Bread week, Cake week to name a couple.

The fact we all use them actually works surprisingly well, in this competitive market we have built. People and businesses really throw themselves into the promotional side of it, which adds excitement and a greater choice for you lovely consumers. There can be downsides, the extra cost of one off prints or ingredients, can be challenging, but if you take something like Valentine’s day, people are willing to spend a little bit more for a bit of glam, to add potency to the message they are sending their loved one.

As for Gooey Puds, we have the bones of a calendar in place with special recipes or with twists and gifts you will not get as part of a normal parcel. It is exciting and fun for us, choosing gifts, creating new twists to dishes and trying to think outside the box.

So watch this space as we go through the year, and send some weird and wonderful things your way! My personal favourite, so far, is the April Fool pasta dishes! As I say- watch this space!

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