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Audits, Tart Tarts and Batty Witchiness!

The last few months have been hectic for us here at Gooey Puds HQ! Passing the Food Standards audit, with 5 stars was a bit nerve wracking, as it was very different to the factory audits previously experienced, but hopefully gives all of you lovely customers the confidence to know that our desserts and puddings are not only delicious, but they have been carefully crafted in an especially created kitchen, that is at the top of the food hygiene chain.

So onwards with newness coming your way this week and next.

The very delicious Tarte au Citron is about to make its debut! A sweetly tart tart (!), full of lemony goodness, on a light pastry base. Simple, refreshing and irresistible for many, it will serve around 8. It has been given a medium score of 3 in the difficulty stakes, purely for the attention to detail in the pastry making, and rolling, and also the pre-heating of the curd, before it is poured into the pastry case. It is well worth the effort, though, and is perfect with friends or family. Available to order now!

And finally! Halloween is almost upon us! To celebrate this fact, we have created some delicious gingerbread kits for you to make by yourself, with friends, or with your kids. A well spiced gingerbread kit is supplied with 2 cutters, icing tubes and sprinkles for decorating the finish product. If you spike them with a skewer, just as they come out of the oven, you can also hang them from branches to enhance your Halloween. Of course, you could also given them away as treats, if you are feeling very generous- you may regret it though, once the tricksters have gone back to their caves and lairs, and you find yourself a bit peckish! Available to order from October 1st for one month only!

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